"Modern Love Song PerfectiON"

Impose Magazine


DoublePlusGood is the long-running romantic pop project of Portlander Erik Carlson. Often known for his shimmering layers of production, Carlson has created a sound that beautifully combines melancholy crooner with dreampop textures. Backed by a four-peice band, audiences are transported to a 1960s era romance film where the protagonist can't get enough jukebox slow jams.

Since its birth over a decade ago, DoublePlusGood has released mutiple albums and EPs, been featured on several local compliation albums, and has been trusted support for acts like Ariel Pink, Wild Ones, and Typhoon. Carlson also single-handedly ran an independant record label, SoHiTek, that has been home to Hosannas, Fanno Creek, Pocketknife, and more.



"As an entire vision... the song is hypnotizing; you’ll find yourself in a subconscious trance-like state. "                                    - -

-Cervante Pope, Owl Mag

"DoublePlusGood has done the music world right with this one, that's for sure. If you don't mind, we'd like to keep it in our back pocket"

-Meredith Schneider, Impose magazine